ISeePass, The One-Click Browser Password Revealer

ISeePass, The One-Click Browser Password Revealer

Passwords and asterisks go hand in hand in browsers. When you enter a password on a site, or have the browser auto-fill it for you, it protects it from prying eyes by using asterisks. Safety first, but now it blocks even you from being able to view them. Can your memory cope with the challenge?

There are scenarios when you do need to know your passwords. What if you want to access an account in a browser that doesn't have the password you need saved? And what if you want to update an old password, but you don't remember it? Or when you are sure that you are typing in the right password, but your browser just won't give you the green light? How to look beneath the asterisks?

The usual way to recover forgotten passwords requires quite a bit of digging into your browser settings. Wouldn't it be nice to have a password revealer at hand that helps you view them with just a click? And then hides them again with another? That's just what ISeePass, the free one-click password revealer does for you.

To unhide a password on a site just drag and drop the ISeePass bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar and click it. Your password gets instantly revealed so you won't need to excavate it from your browser the slow way. To hide its characters, just click the bookmarklet again.

ISeePass is designed to be as simple, minimalist and straightforward as possible. As a bookmarklet (a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains JavaScript commands to extend the browser's functionality), it uses the minimum amount of resources, and does not slow down the browser.

Drop ISeePass on your bookmarks toolbar and say goodbye to hidden passwords.