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ColorHap’s Wide Range of Colors: Something for Everyone

ColorHap’s wide selection of colors means that there is something for everyone, no matter what your project or design needs may be. With the ability to choose random colors from the basic colors, hundreds of web colors, thousands of named colors, a few million attractive colors, and sixteen million random true colors, the options are truly endless.

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Color information

When you find a color you like, the Color Information screen has all the details you need to use it in your project.

On this screen, you’ll find information about the generated random color, including its name, hexadecimal code, RGB triplet, and more. ColorHap also displays the color in HSV, HSL, and decimal formats, so you can use the format that works best for your project. It also provides luminance and brightness information, and it can also help you determine whether a light or dark color should be used for text that will be displayed on top of that color.

But the color information screen doesn’t just provide information; it also gives you the tools you need to use that information. Need to share the color with a colleague or use it in another program? Simply copy or share any piece of information from the screen. And if you need to find additional information about the color, you have the option to launch an online search directly in your browser.

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