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"Using ISeePass is surprisingly simple. ... ISeePass makes passwords visible again in the browser at lightning speed." (GIGA Rating: 5 Stars)
"ISeePass reveals passwords with one mouse click, with no installation required. This small but nice tool does what it is supposed to do." (
"Definitely, ISeePass offers a convenient and simple solution to a common problem: forgetting passwords." (Software Informer Editor's Pick Award)
"There are many situations where it makes sense to show a password in plain text. ... So easy to decrypt the password behind the asterisks: just click 'ISeePass' in the toolbar." (
"From now on, you can click on the ISeePass bookmarklet if a password is hidden behind stars in your browser." (PC-WELT)
"10 Best Windows Tools This Week: ISeePass is a bookmarklet that can reveal the password in just a click." (TechPP)
"A simple power off button for personal security. The privacy can be restored by pressing the button again." (iPlaza Magazine)
"Now to reveal the password, click ISeePass and bingo! ... All in all, a really handy solution to expose password boxes whenever you need to type long passwords without typing errors." (AddictiveTips)
"It's an awesome bookmark-let that, with a click on a button, reveals all password on a page. To restore the asterisks, all you need to do is click on it again." (Blogsdna)
"ISeePass really works. You can really see the passwords while typing, and the software does not invade your settings." (Baixaki)
"ISeePass is a pretty good tool to reveal hidden passwords in a matter of seconds. No technical knowledge or extra efforts are needed. A simple solution to get back forgotten passwords." (I Love Free Software)
"A lightweight and very practical tool to reveal passwords hidden behind the asterisks with just one click." (Superdownloads)
"Truly a great solution to recover your forgotten passwords, or to make sure you are typing the correct password." (Gekissimo)

ISeePass Testimonials

"I'm not usually commenting on programs, but when I see a simple, effective and intuitive program with such an innovative system, I must comment. ... Just wonderful." (★★★★★ Baixaki user comment)