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Afraid to update the perfect app. Based on my experience with Pitch Black, I'd update without hesitation. But how have you improved perfection? I'm afraid...


That's what I'm talking about, this is a proper black wallpaper app no gimmick & no ads, I've tried others in the past but this one is(epic)thanks guys ❤️

🤍Jimmy Brown★★★★★

Does exactly what it says and nothing more. Works seemlessly. Exactly what I want in app.

🤍Linda Massey★★★★★

Super! I have been using it for 10 years already. Thanks to the developers. Thank you so much👍

🤍Viachus Europus★★★★★
(translated from Russian)

Finally, simple and smart

🤍Juan Fernandez★★★★★

Size matters! Small and efficient

🤍Carlos Urata★★★★★

Simple. Does exactly what it says & does so perfectly.

🤍Mark Royall★★★★★

It's a shame the manufacturers don't offer this. But the app is perfect

🤍SON4 Main★★★★★
(translated from German)


🤍Enki Ninhursag★★★★★

Installed the app and the display was immediately black, no registration, no subscription, no questions, black is beautiful.👍

🤍Ronald S.★★★★★
(translated from German)

Favourite app on the market! Does what it says, no more no less, no ads, no hype, asks if you want a black wallpaper, answer yes by touching the yes, and it's done! Thanks heaps, and thanks for showing the rest of the app market how apps should be done

🤍Stuart Coad★★★★★

No ads, no bad stuff, so concise, I literally love it. Five stars.


I love this app so much . It helps me so see all my apps that I've downloaded much easier . Pitch Black Love it . 🖤🖤🖤

🤍Taylor Dane★★★★★

I like my background like I like my bed room at night. pitch. frickn. black. used this for years, it works nicely. not much else to say

🤍Mr Horsepower★★★★★

Excellent pure black wallpaper!, no gimmicks, no ads, no bad stuff!, just does exactly as it states.

🤍Miles Dei★★★★★

This is the one...

🤍Joel Tedholm★★★★★

Have used this wallpaper for longer than I can remember! Absolutely love it! ... A definite recommend!!! Thanks for putting this wallpaper out there...

🤍Kimberley Mielke★★★★★

The only app in the market to do exactly what it's set out to do! 👍🏼

🤍Atlan Orin★★★★★

Still my favorite.

🤍Tom P.★★★★★

Coolest app in the world

🤍Nicholas Richardson★★★★★

I have to have this on every device I own. FIRST app I install. LOVE IT

🤍Jana Green★★★★★

this should be an editor's choice app

🤍Gabriel Lemos★★★★★

WOW!!! Thank you for having done this! It works perfectly!!!!!!

🤍Richard Lane★★★★★

Thank you! I love you for making this simple app!

🤍Heide Burge★★★★★

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