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Crafting Simplicity

Tecdrop, established in 2013, represents a commitment to the art of simplicity. Our minimalist applications stand testament to the principle that even the smallest and simplest of programs deserve a place in the digital world.

Take Pitch Black Wallpaper. It's just an app for a black screen, but millions have downloaded it. The contrast is striking. A simple app, but with users choosing it as their first install, calling it their favorite, and even the "coolest app in the world." They are celebrating its one-tap wonder that does away with complexity, and even its humor, with its playful confirmation message bringing a smile to many. Starting with this little black wallpaper app, Tecdrop has struck a chord with a global community that values an unfussy, reliable, and effective app experience.

A Spectrum of Colorful Simplicity

Our app collection at Tecdrop extends beyond Pitch Black Wallpaper. Each app serves a unique purpose, yet all share the same DNA of simplicity and user-centric design. Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro introduces a creative twist with one hundred new artfully crafted, AI-generated wallpapers, blending minimalism with advanced technology. Meanwhile, RGB Color Wallpaper and its Pro version turn your screen into a canvas of color, offering a simple yet powerful way to personalize your device. LoneColor goes a step further in minimalism by having no interface at all, delivering a surprising splash of color with a single tap. These apps are more than tools—they are extensions of our vision, where less truly becomes more, and a simple tap can color your world or embrace the elegance of pure pitch black.


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