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Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro

Hundreds of Pitch Black alternatives, shades of black, dark and custom color wallpapers & more.

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Pitch Black Wallpaper

Pitch Black Wallpaper is a 4 million downloads Android app that sets a black wallpaper.

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RGB Color Wallpaper Pro

Cool and minimalist. Thousands of built-in colors, custom colors, bonus tools & more.

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RGB Color Wallpaper

Drag the 3 bars to blend red, green and blue and create your own unique color wallpaper.

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See the colors you're typing in real-time. Play around with colors, learn color names, and get color inspiration.

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Shuffle thousands of beautiful built-in named colors and sixteen million random true colors in a beautiful immersive way. Reuse, copy, share, or search colors!

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Color My Name

Turn names, words or phrases into matching colors. Discover colors. Share with friends.

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Tap the LoneColor icon to instantly set a beautiful color as your cool and modern wallpaper.

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