Pitch Black Wallpaper sets a black wallpaper.

Pitch Black Wallpaper is a 3.5 million downloads Android app that sets a black wallpaper.

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Set a pitch black wallpaper on your smartphone or tablet. Make your device look sleek and mysterious, improve battery life, free up some valuable memory, and reduce eyestrain.

Pitch Black Wallpaper is more straightforward and efficient than other black live wallpaper solutions, and beats covering your camera and taking a dark picture as wallpaper.

The app is extremely easy to use: just tap a confirmation button, and get instant results. Congratulations! It's a Black Wallpaper!

No ads, no Internet, and no extra permissions.

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Pitch Black Wallpaper is a tiny 33k download, and runs on all Android versions starting with version 2.0. It only requires one permission: the ability to set the wallpaper on your device. The app does not require Internet access.

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Selected Reviews


(Ronny Persson)

This is the one...

(Joel Tedholm)

Coolest app in the world

(Nicholas Richardson)

Probably the best app experience I have ever come across :)

(Kálmán Magyari)

The only app in the market to do exactly what it's set out to do! 👍🏼

(Atlan Orin)

Pitch Black Wallpaper is a great app that you'll have no trouble using, and will definitely help with your device performance and battery drain. Don't think about it - try it out!

(Download3K Editor's Review: Excellent)

If you're like me, I am a battery hog with my phone, but since using this app, I haven't had that issue. As you can see, it's super dark all the way around ... this is a battery saver and cool look for my phone

(Total Tech)

Simple, smart, brilliant. A useful little app with easy one tap application. It features no ads, no hidden purchases, and no unnecessary complexity. Tecdrop knows what it's doing.

(Soren Rodman)

I have to have this on every device I own. FIRST app I install. LOVE IT

(Jana Green)

#1 on my list of apps to install! That is everytime I do reformat my phone. Thanks! More power!

(Nikki Pulga)

So simple and so perfect. No ads, no permissions. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

(Terry Korensek)

Have used this wallpaper for longer than I can remember! Absolutely love it! ... A definite recommend!!! Thanks for putting this wallpaper out there...

(Kimberley Mielke)

this should be an editor's choice app

(Gabriel Lemos)

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Pitch Black Wallpaper is so simple and straightforward, that creating its help page was actually a challenge. All you have to do is install the app on your Android smartphone or tablet, start the app from your Home Screen or App Drawer, read a confirmation message, and tap a confirmation button.

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