Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro: more choices

Hundreds of Pitch Black alternatives, shades of black, dark and custom color wallpapers & more. Upgrade to support us.

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Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro

Set a Pitch Black, dark or custom color wallpaper on your smartphone or tablet. Make your device look sleek and mysterious, improve battery life, free up some valuable memory, and reduce eyestrain.

Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro is an improved version of Pitch Black Wallpaper. Here are some benefits of upgrading to Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro:

  • Get over two hundred Pitch Black alternatives that you can set as wallpaper: Absence of Light, Black Beauty, Dark Side of the Moon, Darkness, Darth Vader, Gold Black, Midnight Blue, Vienna Roast, Wet Latex, and many more.

  • Set your favorite custom color as wallpaper, just by typing or copy/pasting a hexadecimal color code.

  • Download a wallpaper image for any other purpose or device.

  • Choose whether to set the wallpaper on the Home screen, on the Lock screen, or on both screens.

  • It's the best way to help us maintain and improve Pitch Black Wallpaper and our other free apps.

Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro remains extremely easy to use: just tap a confirmation button, and get instant results. Congratulations, it's your favorite Pitch Black, dark, or custom color wallpaper!

No ads, no Internet, and no extra permissions.

Paid for Pro version as this is permanently installed on my phone. Gotta give a bit back! Extra features are good.

(Pat Thompson)

Install Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro

Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro runs on all Android versions starting with version 4.1, and only requires one permission: the ability to set the wallpaper on your device. The app does not require Internet access.

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Get Help

All you have to do is install the app on your Android smartphone or tablet, start the app from your Home Screen or App Drawer, read a confirmation message, and tap a confirmation button.