Color Psychology: Self-Help, Cyberage Style

Color Psychology: Self-Help, Cyberage Style

In case you did not know, there is a branch of psychology, called Color Psychology. Though a relatively new area of science, its many offshoots have already spread to important areas of life, for instance, marketing, therapy and healing, workplace condition management, art studies, to name but a few. And you surely do not have to try too hard to grasp the significance of this fresh spring of the otherwise ancient science of colors.

Just take a walk in the woods or in the city park, and inhale the colors. Or better put, let the colors capture you and spread their effect all over your body and mind. What could replace that blue sky, that green grass, that unique color of a rose? Or even just look around in your room, in your office, on the street; colors just contribute so much to our emotional well-being.

Ever tried working in a room that had grey painted walls? Ever lived in a country where it rains most of the time and the sky is just grey? No way to avoid getting depressed and feeling down in places like that. Actually, there is a mental disorder, called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression that manifests as a result of the constant bad weather in countries like the UK or Ireland! On the other hand, people who work in bright colored rooms, or even better, in the open, tend to get much less influenced by dark moods. The same goes for people living in sun-kissed countries, like Spain or Italy, where all they see all year round is that huge, bright disc smiling at them from above.

So why not apply the science of color psychology for things we spend much doing? How about checking what ways could solid color desktop wallpapers help you control your mood? You spend quite many hours in front of the screen anyway, so it makes sense to have a source of emotional relief at hand, right on your screen, doesn't it? Want to give it a try? Download LoneColor, rename it by adding to it the name of the color you would like to set as wallpaper, and run the app. For instance, for a blue wallpaper you should rename the .exe file to `LoneColor Blue`, run the app again, and that's it! Your solid color blue wallpaper is set. Below we are going to give you some of the color names LoneColor recognizes, and also, we are going to say a few words about the effects each color has on one's mind.

Red: The timeless color of love, passion, vitality, courage, strength and ambition, but too much may trigger aggressiveness, agitation or restlessness. Use it with care, when you need to enhance the above qualities in you.
Pink: In case you feel a bit irritated, or angry, change the wallpaper to pink, and the calming and soothing effect of it catches you immediately. Pink is also the main color associated with femininity, being gentle, nourishing and having the quality of making lonely feelings go away, as a caring mother, or wife does.
Orange: Is it raining outside? Set an orange wallpaper and no way you can hold back a big smile and cheerful feelings. It is fun, it is joyful, it is uplifting, self-esteem enhancer and it even makes us remember how juicy and great tasting the fruit is!
Yellow: Kids always color the sun yellow when they draw it, even though it is not purely yellow. But no surprise they do, as yellow triggers many of the effects sunshine does. It is cheerful and uplifting, pure, and bright, and also, is associated with creative and intellectual energy. So if you need some creativity boost, have to come up with new ideas, have to memorize things, or have to make decisions, type `LoneColor Yellow` and hit run.
Green (Lime): Which other color could better represent nature, than green? The grass, the trees, most of the plants are all green and they symbolize life, vitality, rejuvenation, regeneration, and growth. It is also the color of learning, balance and safety. It restores and enhances self-respect and is a great pick to induce relaxing feelings too.
Blue: The color of the water and the sky, two of the most influential life forces and the color passes on their effects. We often say that looking at the sea or at a lake calms the mind and takes away bad feelings. It is therefore the color of clarity, relaxation, peace of mind, creativity and intuition. It is also said that blue helps memorizing texts. But a dark blue can induce depression, hence the saying: "I'm feeling blue".
Purple: The great and highly esteemed color of mind balancing. It helps channel obsessions and eliminate fear.
White: The color of innocence, purity, clear slate, new beginnings, truthfulness and openness in many cultures. Helps to overcome emotional shock, or despair.
Black: Even though the color of death and grief in some cultures, black is also comforting and protecting. In arts, it is the color of silence, mystery, the infinite, and in some cultures black is the color of the earth and so it symbolizes fertility. Black also blocks internal changes, so use it with care.
Gray: Is a bit of a controversial color when it comes to analyzing its effects. It is the color of authority and corporate frame of mind, but also we often associate it with people that lack individualism. At the same time it is also connected to independence, self-control and may trigger loneliness.
Brown: The color of steadiness, firmness and comfort. Associated also with Mother Earth, but may also represent narrow-mindedness.
Magenta: The color of universal harmony, it balances all three areas of our being: emotional, physical, and spiritual. It also represents the free, soaring soul, and it's also associated with tolerance and acceptance. But use it with care if you already feel impatient, intolerant, or demanding, because it can strengthen those qualities.
Cyan: It has similar effects to blue, as cyan is a lighter shade of blue. But cyan brings about stronger positive effects than blue does, including happiness, wisdom and loyalty.

We trust LoneColor will help you take advantage of this great science of color psychology!

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