Simplify Your Screen: The Power of Minimalist RGB Wallpapers

Simplify Your Screen: The Power of Minimalist RGB Wallpapers

The cool factor of minimalist wallpapers has been on the rise, and smartphone users are abandoning the usual image background on their mobile devices for something simpler. Plain-color backgrounds can be even more attractive to users because of their low battery consumption and variety of options. They also make it easier to see icons on the home screen instead of struggling through a mess of busy pixels fighting for your attention.

Your phone will also speed up significantly and consume less memory with a plain RGB background. The higher the definition of the image in the background, the more battery is eaten up. Your phone is struggling to maintain the quality of the pixels to the point of draining itself in the process. Switching to an RGB background will help take the strain off of your phone and allow it to function smoothly, like it should.

That's why Tecdrop has come out with a new app called RGB Color Wallpaper that makes it easy for users to install an RGB background of any shade. The app comes with over 1500 pre-named background colors in a variety of inspirational titles. Antique Rose, Bittersweet, and Torch Red are just a few of the many to choose from. There are colors to suit every personality and mood.

You can also create your own custom shade by using the RGB adjustor. Three bars let you adjust red, green, and blue to a unique shade that you want. All you have to do after that is set it as your wallpaper. If you're feeling playful, hit the Shuffle button to select a random color for your background. Each shade has its own color code, so if you want continuity between your various devices and social media accounts, simply copy and paste the code to use it elsewhere.

Previewing your new background color is no hassle at all. The preview function lets you view your background fullscreen before you finalize it. If you're not happy with the color, just pick a new one and preview it as well. The app itself takes up very little space, and no adware is attached to the download. This means that you'll be able to run RGB Color Wallpaper without any obnoxious popups or product offers while using it.

Soon, you'll be able to enjoy your phone's full functionality with a charming background that consumes less battery, looks better, and actually lets you see your app and widget icons! There's no need to strain your eyes or your battery any longer. You can download the RGB Color Wallpaper app by clicking here.

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