Color My Name

Color My Name

A color match for anything you type

Turn names and words into matching colors. Discover colors. Share with friends.

Type a name, title, quote, or sentence, and instantly see a color fill your screen.

A fun and personal way to discover and share beautiful colors, or get inspiration for any task that requires color.

Easily share color images on your social profiles, or send them using your favorite messaging or chat apps.

A color matching app? An unconventional color picker? A color game for adults and kids?

How do you use Color My Name?

Install Color My Name

Color My Name is a small 360 KB download, and runs on all Android versions starting with version 4.0.3. It's completely free, doesn't show ads, and requires no Internet and no extra permissions whatsoever.

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"Well done on this algorithm! My colors, using my names & nicknames through out my life, were actually some of my favorites. You algorized this well. Artists just might be interested in this app when inspiration is lacking. Or drunk college students for an ice breaker..." (User beta feedback on Google Play)
"this is a pretty cool app and I think it's interesting" (The_LG_V20_User Video Review on YouTube)


Chirag Mehta and his Name that Color JavaScript for the list of 1500+ named colors.

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