LoneColor for Android

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LoneColor is a neat little app that can change the background color of an Android device to a different color to make it more attractive to use and do away with background wallpaper for good.

(Download3K Editor's Review: Very Good)

If you prefer a solid color wallpaper on Android phones, then you are going to love this app. ... LoneColor does not come with any user interface at all. However, it still allows you to specify a color of your own in a different way.


Set your wallpaper to a single shade with LoneColor. ... LoneColor also allows you to specify the shade you'd like to use. On Android this is as easy as visiting a site like HTML Color Codes, copying a color code and tapping the app icon.


Setting your Android wallpaper to a defined solid colour. Run the program on its own and your background will be set to a random colour. ... On Android, copy a colour code from anywhere and tap the icon to use that shade.

(PC Advisor)

LoneColor isn't like any other wallpaper apps available out there but it brings many advantages to your phone. One of the most simplistic and cleverly designed apps we've seen in a long time.

(Softpedia Editor's Review: Excellent)

Color me green, Color me red, Color me good - LoneColor me for sure! ... This tiny weeny app serves just one purpose in many colors. ... It is really tiny and for free and is fun and pretty. You don't need to look for excuses now. Go install it.


User Reviews

Awesome Idea bro, Loved it Come here from GitHub and lovely coding style and lovely innovative idea. Really amazing

(Mayank Kaushik)

Simple yet great. I've been looking for a simple colour wallpaper app on my Xperia. So far this is the best, no ads, just enjoy the colour. It does not limit to few colours but basically any colour as long as you've got the colour code. Using it with a colour palette.

(W. F. Lee)

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