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"We have been using the app for quite some time on a Samsung Galaxy S8 and previously on a Galaxy S7 and can not complain. The app does what it promises and what more do you want?" (Galaxy Tipps)
"If you're like me, I am a battery hog with my phone, but since using this app, the Pitch Black Wallpaper app, I haven't had that issue. ... This is a battery saver and cool look for the Galaxy S8." (Total Tech Video Review on YouTube)
"Unlike other wallpaper apps, Pitch Black Wallpaper, with its simple approach on color philosophy, lets you go minimalist, but still ensures aesthetics." (Taimienphi)
"Try Pitch Black Wallpaper on Android. A black background makes your battery last longer. Why? Because you just don't need to put energy into something that is dark." (Computertaal)
"Pitch Black Wallpaper is a great app that you'll have no trouble using, and will definitely help with your Android device's performance and battery drain. Don't think about it - try it out!" (Download3K Excellent Award)


"Simple, smart, brilliant. A useful little app with easy one tap application. It features no ads, no hidden purchases, and no unnecessary complexity. Tecdrop knows what it’s doing." (★★★★★ Soren Rodman on Google Play)
"Install 20kb file, activate, black wallpaper, uninstall, still black wallpaper. 11/10 best app of the year" (★★★★★ Nabeel Kahlil on Google Play)
"Lol Seriously, I'm giving this five stars for the humor and sarcasm. 'Congratulations! It's a black wallpaper!'' Loooollll" (★★★★★ Matt Ramos on Google Play)
"Cool it should be you making cell phones" (★★★★★ gamer421 on Google Play)
"Nice! More of these concept please.. So simple. Yeah!!! Up up up!" (★★★★★ axe effect on Google Play)
"Perfect for us minimalists" (★★★★★ Mac Lewis on Google Play)
"Cool Now that's an app. I have never seen such black with benefits." (★★★★★ anonymous on Google Play)
"Great! I would never imagine that a black wallpaper could look this good. Great idea." (★★★★★ Dragan Srnic on Google Play)
"I had second thoughts... but this wallpaper is pure class... should be pre-installed - the standard paper... thanx developer/designer... love it...!" (★★★★★ Donald W Kern on Google Play)
"Awesome Dude well done. So simple and easy" (★★★★★ adam mitchell on Google Play)
"Dope!!! Sleak and simply awesome.." (★★★★★ Hamilton Rx on Google Play)
"An App you never thought you'd need but one that changes your device for the better. Especially if (like me) you're a minimalist." (★★★★★ Dan Forsley on Google Play)
"EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT !" (★★★★★ Dilawar Yakub on Google Play)
"Oh man, it's nice! It looks so awesome, get it. Completely idiot proof, better battery life, no ads at all. Just black. Perfection. You won't believe how good it looks." (★★★★★ SPRPhilly on Google Play)
"#1 on my list of apps to install That is everytime I do reformat my phone. Thanks! More power!" (★★★★★ Nikki Pulga on Google Play)
"I am too glad to use this and will use forever." (★★★★★ ABM Alkatib on Google Play)
"Great! Does exactly what it says! Doesn't get any easier than this!" (★★★★★ Pete Bellanger Jr on Google Play)
"BEST BLACK WALLPAPER EVER!!!!!!!! 🙌☺😊😀😁" (★★★★★ Rashawn Hamilton on Google Play)
"Truth in advertising! Simple; does what it claims." (★★★★★ Robert Barus on Google Play)
"Small, perfectly black ideal well done keep up the great work" (★★★★★ Paul Fisher on Google Play)
"Big favor I've been waiting for someone to spoon-feed me. Thank you!" (★★★★★ Joe Rasid on Google Play)
"Perfectly perfect." (★★★★★ Kenneth Edelstein on Google Play)
"Looks great, perfect for amoled screens, and the watch sized battery in my s6 can use all the help it can get. Also appreciate it not invading my device with unnecessary permissions" (★★★★★ Bert Schoell on Google Play)
"Pitch black baby... This wallpaper makes my icons really pop out on my Galaxy Core prime. ..5 baby! !" (★★★★★ Paul Hernandez on Google Play)
"What I was wanting...period. The app works just like everyone reported. Thank you developer's!" (★★★★★ Gary Housley on Google Play)
"Fantastic! Pure black. No fuss. Thanks" (★★★★★ Kathy Brooks on Google Play)
"My prayers have been answered! Awesome job!!" (★★★★★ Brent Holden on Google Play)
"6 stars Wow that was fast lock screen and main screen went black screen in just 1 second thanks" (★★★★★ Patricio Pereira on Google Play)
"Battery heaven! Heavy contrast with my apps means I need less brightness to easily see them! And no permissions were needed for this app! It is perfect! Thank you!" (★★★★★ Nicholas Kolta on Google Play)
"Speechless Omg!!! What a wonderful app... I was desperately searching for a black wallpaper and after a looooong search finally found this cool app.. Thank you developers..." (★★★★★ Venu Gopal on Google Play)
"Yes I found you!!" (★★★★★ Andy Yee on Google Play)
"I LOOOOVVE IT I just download this, And GLAD I DID ..Easy to set up and works PERFECTLY ,without any B.S or Ads ... Beautiful App and works like Charm ,ThanX...A++" (★★★★★ Benjamin Kidman on Google Play)
"So simple and so perfect. No ads, no permissions. Just what I was looking for. Thank you." (★★★★★ Terry Korensek on Google Play)