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We have been using the app for quite some time on a Samsung Galaxy S8 and previously on a Galaxy S7 and can not complain. The app does what it promises and what more do you want?

(Galaxy Tipps)

Compared to other black wallpaper solutions, Pitch Black Wallpaper is much easier to use. You just need to install it, confirm your choice and enjoy your 100% black wallpaper.


If you're like me, I am a battery hog with my phone, but since using this app, I haven't had that issue. As you can see, it's super dark all the way around ... this is a battery saver and cool look for my phone

(Total Tech)

Unlike other wallpaper apps, Pitch Black Wallpaper, with its simple approach on color philosophy, lets you go minimalist, but still ensures aesthetics.


Try Pitch Black Wallpaper on Android. A black background makes your battery last longer. Why? Because you just don't need to put energy into something that is dark.


Pitch Black Wallpaper is a great app that you'll have no trouble using, and will definitely help with your device performance and battery drain. Don't think about it - try it out!

(Download3K Editor's Review: Excellent)

User Reviews

Yup yup

(paper money)

Perhaps the only app that works. Thanks to the creators

(Cesar Rocha)

This is an excellent all black wallpaper. It does exactly what it says it's going to do what's up a black wallpaper. Which I love cuz it's easier on my eyes and much easier on my battery. I think that's the biggest seller for this because if you're like me and you use your phone all day long for work the last thing you want is your battery getting prematurely drained because some stupid bright wallpaper

(Qwerty Curta)

Does exactly what it says. What more can you ask for. ✌️😎

(Matt Snyder)

This is the best app!

(АлСксСй ΠšΠΎΠ²Ρ‚ΡƒΠ½)

Super black

(belony producciΓ³n)

I like my background like I like my bed room at night. pitch. frickn. black. used this for years, it works nicely. not much else to say

(Mr Horsepower)

Excellent pure black wallpaper!, no gimmicks, no ads, no bad stuff!, just does exactly as it states.

(Miles Dei)

This is the one...

(Joel Tedholm)

Have used this wallpaper for longer than I can remember! Absolutely love it! ... A definite recommend!!! Thanks for putting this wallpaper out there...

(Kimberley Mielke)


(kokoua claude)

What amaze me, is the fact that the battery lasts longer by using this app since it uses less resources, I truly love this app, now I can use the phone longer

(Edwin M)

The only app in the market to do exactly what it's set out to do! πŸ‘πŸΌ

(Atlan Orin)

This was the fastest app I've ever used, and it's really good.

(Edivan Ribeiro)

Still my favorite.

(Tom P.)

Best dark wallpaper ever I used

(Suraj Sajjan)

Coolest app in the world

(Nicholas Richardson)

Love this! Now I can finally use meh phone at night without anyone noticingβ™‘πŸ‘Œ


it's so easy to put the black wallpaper on home and lock screen.. definitely deserve 5 star rating

(Mr. Zeus)

Thanks xD


Super simple app and only one click once you open the app to set the wallpaper


5 stars because it is what is advertised.

(Kalib Washington)

I have to have this on every device I own. FIRST app I install. LOVE IT

(Jana Green)

So blackly 😁

(Anubhab Behera)

Rock n 'roll!

(miguel angelo)

Easier than finding a true black wallpaper

(Jeroen Wedda)

Hassle free. Love it.

(Highlander SG)

this should be an editor's choice app

(Gabriel Lemos)

It is really good. It is free and it also extend the battery life. LOVE THIS APP. Really recommend this app.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―


Clean battery saver per excellence

(Luis Hernandez Bravo)

Beautiful color, resting your eyes ...

(Stevanovic Zoran)

And the best, simple, efficient, lightweight

(ezequiel moura)

WOW!!! Thank you for having done this! It works perfectly!!!!!!

(Richard Lane)

Exactly what it's supposed to do

(Martin Go)


(Daniel Kiragu)


(ismayil ilyasov)

Thank you! I love you for making this simple app!

(Heide Burge)

A perfect little application

(D Murphy)


(Ronny Persson)

Does what it is supposed to do. No nonsense.

(rudra bose)

This is hilarious, it ask you if you actually want the black screen, thanks for not making this difficult

(treshawn stewart)

PERFECT. The smallest size black wallpaper. Couldn't be simpler. Thank you so much!

(Klemen Kavčič)

The app's name says it all. One click to get the desired result.

(Fui de Recife)

I love the color black πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

(Maryam Zefzaf)

I use this app all the time. It's great for battery saving. I have used this app for multiple phones.

(Tony Cisco)

Won't get easier then this ...

(C. Oliveira)

Best app on Play Store

(MΓ‘ra Search)

Everything I could ask for.

(Reverence Arts)

Very nice app, nice on the eyes, looks excellent

(Roy Brown)

I like it so much

(Peter Amoako)

Did nothing more and nothing less than it said it would do. Excellent app.

(Jim Liddane)

This app is great, it deserves 5 star ✨ from all users, it just works once with no stress

(Priase Adegbite)

Best wallpaper app

(Gamer's Gaming)

The perfect Nihilist app. It sets your wallpaper to black, it begs for no money, it makes you watch no adds. It needs no input, it shows you nothing because nothing is what you need. It does what it says and nothing more.

(Warren Wright)

Silly but surprisingly useful

(Chet Patel)

Useful, simple app, thanks for keeping it free!

(Tiberiu Ciocirlie)

Super quick yo use less then 15 seconds.l!

(Henry Sander)

And the Lord said let there be darkness - and there was


Yes Yes yes

(Lydia Wyn Mcguire)

Perfect app

(Savaş Daniş)

Cool! No ads, no bugs, thanks a lot.

(rajaraman v)

h'mm, love your apps it also saves me a lot of battery and I mean a lot, thanks for this guys...πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘

(Jimmy Brown)

Simply fantastic, great relaxation for the eyes ... Advised ..

(Ivanka Vurusic)

Love this app because of simplicity.

(Efren Galvez)

Great wallpaper for increasing charging speed

(Somto Ibik)

Probably the best app experience I have ever come across :)

(KΓ‘lmΓ‘n Magyari)


(Ter Rezki)

The best above the best

(tedi maung)

Everything is super, set and forget. Blackens all 5

(Rus Rus)

Does what it says on the tin


The best wallpaper.

(Garagol Ben.)

Simply amazing!!!! Congratulations to the creators!

(wilson roberto de oliveira)


(Alexanders Robertho)

I want to say one thing: Awesome. Thanks for this app. It make my phone mysterious and look good. Thanks for everything.

(Kirpal Singh)

Loved it too

(Abdullahi Shuaibu)


(Ahmad Alhadad)

Super. Minimalism is what you need.


I use this all the time.

(Carrie Jane Artiss)

Just love it !! Awesome !!


The best one

(Roman Ferro Π€Π΅Ρ€Π΅Ρ€ΠΎ)

Love this one.


Love it... Just 20 kb and your phone goes pitch black. RIP ultra HD 30MB full black wallpapers...😹


Does exactly what it says. Well done. Highly recommend.

(Scott M)

I love this app

(Umer Farooq)


(Veander Gammer)

Great as intended

(Brandon Lee)


(حذيفة Ψ§Ψ¨Ω† Ψ§Ω„ΩŠΩ…Ψ§Ω†)

Awesome pitch black wallpaper

(Petu Zondi)

Excellent. Ultra compact ... Gives a very flattering look on a low-end screen.


One...word: Goth πŸ˜„

(DMHQ - Administration)

Delivers what it promises, excellent app.

(carlos Borba)

I love it

(Llud Apollo)

Good to have pitch black wallpaper after a long time using of colourful wallpapers.

(Jenuin Varghese George)

This is the only wallpaper I use! I may change icons, or clocks, or whatever; but my wallpaper is always PITCH BLACK!

(Joey Barnes)

Black Power!


Very happy


Excellent app. Just what the doctor ordered


Excellent only a function but it is perfect. As it should be.

(fenelitto litto)

Great app. Simplicity is the key and you guys did it.

(Ritvik Balvally)

Blackly I love it for real

(Asaf sulayman)

Fantastic app, simple, effective - what else do you need?

(Velislav Banchov)

Light on resources. Excellent pitch Black wallpaper

(Hari Nair)

Deep black. Perfect

(Steve Finkel)

Q: What dark themes are you using right now? A: Pitch Black Wallpaper by Tecdrop. No ads. Free. Recommended.

(IanThomas on Android Central Forums)

I can't believe I found this perfect color

(Skip Gum)

Simple and perfect

(Jeff Pauliks)

Lightweight and perfect πŸ‘Œ

(Hamzeh Qanavatian)

It looks really good, brilliant

(Andrey Tamahkyarov)

Excellent! Best application of its kind, practical like no other.

(Heron Domingues)

Great for the eyes and for the battery! πŸ‘

(Leone Santambrogio)

Perfect, no BS

(Jeanne Vaguelsy)

Just one word Amazing

(shahnawaz ahmed)

Super simple and works perfectly. Hardly takes up any storage on my phone.

(Joyce Xiao)

It's really very good ! My ZenFone was fast, but now it's even faster :) thanks guys

(Steven Cooper)

Just what I was looking for! Simple, black, and it even makes the changes for you. Perfect black wallpaper app!

(Daniel Stinebaugh)

BEST app

(Milenko Djuric)

It looks cool and also saves battery power. I recommend.

(Eduardo R. Monteiro)

Awesome 🌟 Keeps it simple, saves power! It is crisp, clean, along with looking very stylish!

(Michael Himko)

Super black it is

(Asrul Amin Ismail)

Excellent application helps me a lot and also reduces battery consumption

(Matthew Golovinsky)


(Costas Kappa)

Simple and tasteful!


This one is so cool.

(Mar Nitsuga)

Simple, fast and perfect.

(Marc A. Renton)

Top 😍😍 😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍 😍😍 😍😍😍 😍😍😍

(HD Droz)

Well it's black 😊 I didn't know my screen could be so black... really good thanks.

(Neil Bedford)

Wow 5 stars. Just for doing exactly what they said it was gonna do


Total black!!! Looks great!!!

(kyriakos moutsatsos)

Brilliant simple app that does exactly what it says and couldn't be easier to use

(Nottheusualtoday Levy)

Best app ever. Super light 21kb, no ads, free, and does what it say.

(Alessio Fedrizzi)

Must have App. I've got several funky live wallpapers, but they are all battery vampires. I pop this on whenever I need to save battery, it's freaking brilliant


Very gorgeous color

(Sachin Kharate)

The screen background turned black. One simple button. No ads. Show!

(Bruno Belo da Cunha)

This is what I'm looking for my entire android life. β™₯

(Shony M J)

Good black. Black is good.

(Surya Utama)

Black is cool

(juha hΓ€tinen)


(Play Abox)

Excellent wallpaper for saving battery πŸ”‹. Good job dev and no silly permissions

(John Wooduck Hunt)

Thnx guys

(Emad Taha)

Awesome app.

(Pankaj Kumar)

5 stars is little deserves more

(Guillermo Bracero)

Best black

(ash KAR)

The search for wallpapers has ended.

(Antonio Galan)

Brilliant does exactly what I want and saves eye strain and seems to save battery life. But no ads. Many thanks

(Geoffrey Newman)

It's lightweight, simple, does not consume battery and does not require permissions, it's just great.

(Beatrix Stones)

Awesome, just what I needed.

(Kirat Chatterjee)

Nice job dev.. Been using for a long time.

(Andre khalil)

Simply beautiful. Love the transition between home screens

(Chris Athanassiadis)


(Jefri Sentosa)

Thank you

(Davi JosΓ© De Grandi)


(Asif Waheed)

Black is awesome

(Tan Szekuan)

Just black!

(Alexander Kolobylin)

The best there is

(Valmir Ramos Duarte)

This is a simple app that does what it claims. However like most simple things, it is highly underated! Great app.

(Loyalty Otokpa)

Let's save battery on long trips!

(Aelfy Carcini)

One wallpaper to rule them all

(Vladimir Molitvenik)

It's pretty legit and I like it a lot

(The_LG_V20_User on YouTube)

I think it's great I wish other apps would do what they say they will do

(Jay January)

Great App. A vital energy saving App for any high usage mobile. ... Also, a very responsive developer when emailed.

(Cool Cmsc)

I love how simple this app is

(Ficsor TamΓ‘s ZoltΓ‘n)

The simplest concepts are often the most brilliant. This app is awesome.

(Bob Newell)

This is the best

(Waldek Arek)

First thing to install #wallpaper #clean

(Timo Kallela, software company cofounder)

Loving this app

(Jewels Paulie)

Does exactly what it says it's going to do. Leaving some cookies for the dev πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ

(Char G)

Nothing extra. Night.

(Alexander Zuev)

Sometimes the simplest is the best!

(Bard Mikkelsen)


(essa esmeil)

Excellent! That's what I was looking for. 5+

(Anna Svit)

my fav

(Octa Core)

Finally the screen saver that many of us are looking for

(Johnny Araque Barrera)

I wish all apps worked this well.

(Lindsay Smart)

Elegant and refined; pure.


True class, always one of the first apps I install on new ROMs.

(Mic Her)

Stupid but genius

(Travis Grady)

I'm not sure why but this app makes me happy.


That's it! Power in simplicity. Recommend.

(Wojtek Bargiel)

Fantastic, πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ works perfectly ... How can I pay a cappuccino to the developer? β˜•

(Andi Stumboeck)

Exceptional fantastic


Great idea! I was scrolling through the reviews and, just like you can mark them as spam or unhelpful, I wish there was an option that said dumbass...

(Dan MO)

Revelation !!!

(Snake S)

Pure genius!!!!!!!!

(Rajdeep Gupta)

Looks great. Everyone else has some picture, me, I like a clean look.

(William Jones)

It's a simple app that does all the work for you. Great

(Simon Park)

Useful, minimalistic, classy, aesthetic


Perfect black. Just black. Truly black. Keep it alive!



(Shiner Famous)


(Nikita Lizbeth)

Some people don't get it, I do.

(Kim Freeman)

Just what I've been looking for, coz it's so plain & boring it's brilliant if you know what I mean!! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Cheers devs.

(Torbay 74)

Very good, for those looking for simplicity, no frills and no malicious permissions, totally support it.

(Milton Lima)

Super App. Danke πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

(Rudolf Luneberg)

This is a simple, elegant solution. Well done!

(Jay Jones)

Black is beautiful my friends. And I'm a white dude!


That's it

(charlie parker)

Just what I was looking for. Pitch black is awesom.

(Jon DeJesus)

Well not bad at all, less eye strain and my phone battery loves it. It's even easier on my piece of sh*t CPU on this phone.


It really is pitch black. Congratulations to the developers. :)

(AndrΓ‘s Jetzin)

Super. Merci

(Marcel Chabreyron)

Now the battery lasts longer, amazing amazing amazing

(Moises Montez)

Does exactly what it says - and with including the lock screen background even more than some apps with adverts. Thank you!

(Harald Grill)

Can't wait for the pitchier than pitcher black update thanks :)

(Luca Clarke)

Love sou mash πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

(Tarek Sir)

Me gusta mucho

(maria cristina carΓ‘mbula silveira)

Guys I was going crazy looking for an application like this. Very good, very good.

(Isac Dias da Silva)

Great back drop to go with stealth icons

(Aaron Mortensen)

What a cool app! Simple and effective, just the kind of wallpaper I was looking for. Thanks.

(Everton Porter)

Great. Best out. No bs like the others.

(Robert Constantine)

Fade to black

(Roy Luli Sibyani)

I am partially sighted some wallpapers are too busy or bright for me. This is perfect!

(J C Gill)


(alexandru destiny)

Great. Just wanted a black wallpaper and this does just that with one click.

(Warwick Pye)

Love it. I want a pitch black background and I get it with this app!

(Dave Elmore)

I love all black. Less power it uses the better!

(Linda Vaughn)

Great idea and implementation


So so so amazing, wonder full black wallpaper


Love it. Click click done. Thanks

(neo polaris)

Perfect. No need for memory, RAM nor battery, light, fast and battery saver, it is just perfect.

(Jn Jr)

Damn good.


Great. Thank you..happy New Year ..... cheerz

(Nigilnig Nig)

Once you go'll never go back!


Even the tiniest piece of creativity is worth diamond, imho..

(Leo Wijaya Amri)

Thx brother! I don't know its save battery or not but bro you make me laugh ... thank you big brother for this app take care:)


Sensational! Modest, small, without bells and whistles. It does exactly what it was created to do. Highly recommended!!!


Why I hate it because it wastes less battery meh.... 5 out of 5 rating

(Samuel Tien)

It's bigger on the inside.......

(Peter Romano)

This app is AMAZING It lets your set a wallpaper so quickly


Great idea! ... I like it, elegantly simple! Thank you.

(Carol Wiesner)

Black, no cream

(Keith Horn)

SIMPLY LOVE IT ! I always download PITCH BLACK in new phone and after factory reset. saves batteries, help eye. My phone's AMOLED SCREEN & PITCH BLACK are MADE FOR EACH OTHER. thanks.

(Jay kotian)

Simple, smart, brilliant. A useful little app with easy one tap application. It features no ads, no hidden purchases, and no unnecessary complexity. Tecdrop knows what it's doing.

(Soren Rodman)

Install 20kb file, activate, black wallpaper, uninstall, still black wallpaper. 11/10 best app of the year

(Nabeel Kahlil M)

Lol! Seriously, I'm giving this five stars for the humor and sarcasm. 'Congratulations! It's a black wallpaper!' Loooollll

(Matt Ramos)

Cool! it should be you making cell phones

(gamer421, in French)

The best is often as simple! A ray of hope for all pessimists.

(rob dikken, in Dutch)

Amazing! innovator

(JosΓ© Lucas, in Portuguese)

Nice! More of these concept please.. So simple. Yeah!!! Up up up!

(axe effect)

Perfect for us minimalists

(Mac Lewis)

Cool! Now that's an app. I have never seen such black with benefits.


Great Idea.

(Mekey Salaria)

Awesome! Really effective against eye strain ... a pleasant sensation very different from a normal screen.

(CΓ©lio M, in French)

Wonderful work

(Milind Lokde)

Yup Perfect

(Tim Webster)

Great! I would never imagine that black wallpaper could look this good. Great idea.

(Dragan Srnic)

Recommended! πŸ‘ Cool app! I mean it! Really helps in keeping your phone comparatively cooler!πŸŒ‘β„β˜ƒ

(Pushkar Malekar)

I had second thoughts.....but this wallpaper is pure class.....should be pre - installed - the standard paper..... thanx developer / designer....... love it...!

(Donald W Kern)

Best minimalist background

(Kittils Vogel)

Awesome! Dude well done. So simple and easy

(adam mitchell)

Dope!!! Sleak and simply awesome..

(Hamilton Rx)

An App you never thought you'd need but one that changes your device for the better. Especially if (like me) you're a minimalist.

(Dan Forsley)

Good one!!!cheers!!!

(prabz cool)

Fantastic. update has plenty of black. Best wallpaper ever.

(Jamie Cutrer)

Wow! So much easier to read! No internet connection required, no ads, no spyware permissions, no memory hogs!

(Christa L)


(Dilawar Yakub)

Better than a black selfie... They have noise and do not save battery life like this.

(Howard Bamber)

Deep black is the most beautiful color!

(Martin Walthert, in German)

Great wallpaper! This stuff works great! No glare, and it saves battery!

(Nate Brabant)

Oh man, it's nice! It looks so awesome, get it. Completely idiot proof, better battery life, no ads at all. Just black. Perfection. You won't believe how good it looks.


Give your AMOLED what it wants! It is truly black as pitch (for those of us old enough to know what pitch is)

(Jeffrey Koenig)

Perfectly and easily

(alessandro agostini)

Great. No comment.

(Thiago Rocha, in Portuguese)

Awesome job with size & quality

(Onkar Indurkar)

#1 on my list of apps to install! That is everytime I do reformat my phone. Thanks! More power!

(Nikki Pulga)

I am delighted with this application;) The application is super easy to use and easy to recommend;) A TRUE MASTERPIECE

(Radoslaw Rossati, in Polish)

Very light in size, excellent minimalist approach, no ads, super-easy setup. It does exactly what it's intended; no more, no less -just what I wanted.


Great help for aging eyes!

(Christa Landon)

If you waste time looking for wallpapers like me just get this one and enjoy

(Kevin Moore)

Just what I wanted for the lazy amongst us

(Dev Doc)

I am too glad to use this and will use forever.

(ABM Alkatib)

Outstanding !!! Now I can read the screens in daylight. I now can see the time alot better as well.

(Mike Leach)

Perfect! I wanted a plain black wallpaper because it makes your apps stand out more on your homescreens and this is fantastic.

(James Carothers)

Looks great! Another great option for my wallpaper... thanks!

(Cecilia Pulmano)

Does its job! It's an app designed to set a black wallpaper, and does that perfectly. Just what I was looking for.

(Jose Eugenio Esteves Junior)

It does what it should do easy, fast and simple. Just perfect.

(Alvaro de la Torre)

Great! Does exactly what it says! Doesn't get any easier than this!

(Pete Bellanger Jr)


(Rashawn Hamilton)

I just love this black wallpaper

(Muhammad Arfan)

Great! Simple app that does exactly what it says. No permissions. Seems to improve my phone's battery life, and the screen seems easier on my eyes.

(T Conklin)

The pitch black wallpaper is amazing! It matches my phonecase and keyboard. I love it

(Jacob Mario)

Simple and Effective. Does what it says. Simple to use and takes up almost no space.

(Ronnie Morgan)

Truth in advertising! Simple; does what it claims.

(Robert Barus)

Small, perfectly black ideal well done keep up the great work

(Paul Fisher)

Big favor. I've been waiting for someone to spoon-feed me. Thank you!

(Joe Rasid)

It's badass. All black and silver metallic

(Steve Joseph)

Perfectly perfect.

(Kenneth Edelstein)

PERFECT! Love it. Does exactly what it says, simply and efficiently. The perfect app. One click and my phone looks completely different. Made a huge difference. ... Thanks for making this!!! πŸ‘

(James Addams)

Does what it says. Looks great, perfect for amoled screens, and the watch sized battery in my phone can use all the help it can get. Also appreciate it not invading my device with unnecessary permissions

(Bert Schoell)

'Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch' - Blix - Legend (1985)

(Morganna Bramah)

Pitch black baby... This wallpaper makes my icons really pop out on my phone. ..5 baby! !

(Paul Hernandez)

What I was wanting...period. The app works just like everyone reported. Thank you developer's!

(Gary Housley)

Fantastic! Pure black. No fuss. Thanks

(Kathy Brooks)

My prayers have been answered! Awesome job!!

(Brent Holden)

6 stars. Wow that was fast lock screen and main screen went black screen in just 1 second thanks

(Patricio Pereira)

Battery heaven! Pitch black background means no lit up background pixels which means extra battery life! Also heavy contrast with my apps means I need less brightness to easily see them! It is perfect! Thank you!

(Nicholas Kolta)

Speechless Omg!!! What a wonderful app... I was desperately searching for a black wallpaper and after a looooong search finally found this cool app which has satisfied me.. Thank you developers...

(Venu Gopal)

Yes I found you!!

(β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Andy Yee)

Great !!!! No frills..... Plain and simple. Love it

(Joseph C. Segari Jr.)

Best black wallpaper ever.

(Franklin Clinton) this possible? There's black...and then there's deep space black...close your eyes and disappear black...but THIS...? Impressive.

(Doug Rice)

So simple and so perfect. No ads, no permissions. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

(Terry Korensek)

Just what it promises. On spot!

(Sankalp Bothra)

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