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Got pro because this is the best pitch black wallpaper app. Use all the time and essential.

Stephen Collett ★★★★★

Abundance of luxury dark wallpapers. Highly recommended

Darren james Mcmullen ★★★★★

Love This App. This app was made just for me. I like the custom colors too but black is my favorite.

mattlove2110 ★★★★★

Another app worth upgrading. I like the listing of equally dark backgrounds with other colors.

Michael Brazinskas ★★★★★


John Larsen ★★★★★

This pitch black wallpaper app will stay on my mobile phone forever.

Harold Eso ★★★★★

Even, dark, battery-saving monochrome. Good variety. No permissions. Reasonable footprint.

Klaatu58 ★★★★★

I've been using the regular version of Pitch Black Wallpaper for a number of years. To support the developer, I have now also bought the Pro version. The added value of many dark alternatives is a nice change. In contrast to other providers, there are no ads, trackers or unnecessary authorizations - no Internet connections are established.

Markus Bäumler ★★★★★
(translated from German)

Paid for Pro version as this is permanently installed on my phone. Gotta give a bit back! Extra features are good.

Pat Thompson ★★★★★

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