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Yep, it's black.

Eddie Andrade ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Never a problem. Thanks

Aloha ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Cool as cool gets!! Thanks

F.G. F.G. ★★★★★
about LoneColor

Got pro because this is the best pitch black wallpaper app. Use all the time and essential.

Stephen Collett ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro

ONLY Black!

Milan Milan ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Very simple and very useful. Congratulations and all the best.

Luca Alexandrescu ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper
(translated from Romanian)

Love this app! The colors are beautiful and make a great background. And with more than 16 million options, it's the most comprehensive live wallpaper I've ever seen! Thank you very much, Tecdrop.

M Invernessity ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper Pro

Perfect, just what I was looking for!!! Totally black home screen. TY for this super easy app!!!

HBO Jake ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Top notch!

Claudio Nadalini ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

I'm very satisfied, works exactly as I want it to. Has my recommendation

Hubert Oster ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper Pro
(translated from German)

Simple but awesome like simple things!

K L ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Nice keeps getting better

Kemie channel ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper
(translated from Malay)

Are you kidding me? This is the most colorful wallpaper I've ever seen.

Filip ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

🧡👍 Wow! I am using it for about two days now, and i already love this app. Thank you! (I have just purchased your two purchasable apps to support the development.)

Espen Laub ★★★★★
about LoneColor

10/10, straight to the point.

No ob ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Every Phone I Have Bought Over The Years I Have Put RGB Color Wallpaper On It I Love It Because The Colors Run From A To Z So I Know I Can Always Find Some Wallpaper To Put On My Phone Try It You'll Like It.

Donald Connelly ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

Totally cool

Simon Clutterbuck ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Excellent! Works perfectly and extends battery life

Keiji Kondo ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper
(translated from Portuguese)

Awesome app. I'm really not too crazy about setting a wallpaper on my phone when a solid color will work just fine. This app has an amazing assortment of colors to choose from, including other dark colors besides black. I enjoyed this app so much I bought the paid versions of both Pitch Black Wallpaper and RGB Color Wallpaper.

JB Ryder ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro

Simple and does as advertised. Kudos devs.

Bikash Kumar Malik ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

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