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Fantastic app for taking a walk on the random side for choosing your phone's next color background.

Michael Brazinskas ★★★★★
about LoneColor

Great RGB app.

Rita Zelener ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

LUV IT! Just tap the apps icon on your home screen or app draw and instant color change! It really is the simple things isn't it! I love all your apps Devs! Thank You!

Princeton Gary ★★★★★
about LoneColor

Black 🖤 lover

Dharmesh Sharma ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Size matters! Small and efficient

Carlos Urata ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Effortless and beautiful

Oğuz POLAT ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper
(translated from Turkish)


John Larsen ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro

Yup yup

paper money ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Perhaps the only app that works. Thanks to the creators

Cesar Rocha ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper
(translated from Portuguese)

This pitch black wallpaper app will stay on my mobile phone forever.

Harold Eso ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro

This is an excellent all black wallpaper. It does exactly what it says it's going to do what's up a black wallpaper. Which I love cuz it's easier on my eyes and much easier on my battery. I think that's the biggest seller for this because if you're like me and you use your phone all day long for work the last thing you want is your battery getting prematurely drained because some stupid bright wallpaper

Qwerty Curta ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

i didn't find an option for a black wallpaper in my new phone & came here. this one gets the whole 5 stars from me, it's perfect, many thanks

Robert Fox ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Even, dark, battery-saving monochrome. Good variety. No permissions. Reasonable footprint.

Klaatu58 ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper Pro

Does exactly what it says. What more can you ask for. ✌️😎

Matt Snyder ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

After having used the free version for years, buying it is the right thing to do.

Roberto Lazoi ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper Pro
(translated from Italian)

This is the best app!

Алексей Ковтун ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper
(translated from Russian)

Simple. Does exactly what it says & does so perfectly.

Mark Royall ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Best color app

Mohammed Solhi ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper
(translated from Arabic)

Super ok

marian napierski ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

Excellent for testing colors

Harold1969 Dun ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper
(translated from Spanish)

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