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Pure genius!!!!!!!!

Rajdeep Gupta ★★★★★

Revelation !!!

Snake S ★★★★★
(translated from Polish)

Looks great. Everyone else has some picture, me, I like a clean look.

William Jones ★★★★★

It's a simple app that does all the work for you. Great

Simon Park ★★★★★

Perfect black. Just black. Truly black. Keep it alive!

Anonymous ★★★★★

Useful, minimalistic, classy, aesthetic

Anonymous ★★★★★


Shiner Famous ★★★★★


Nikita Lizbeth ★★★★★

Some people don't get it, I do.

Kim Freeman ★★★★★

Just what I've been looking for, coz it's so plain & boring it's brilliant if you know what I mean!! 👍😊 Cheers devs.

Torbay 74 ★★★★★

Very good, for those looking for simplicity, no frills and no malicious permissions, totally support it.

Milton Lima ★★★★★
(translated from Portuguese)

Super App. Danke 😃😃

Rudolf Luneberg ★★★★★

This is a simple, elegant solution. Well done!

Jay Jones ★★★★★

Black is beautiful my friends. And I'm a white dude!

Anonymous ★★★★★

That's it

charlie parker ★★★★★

Just what I was looking for. Pitch black is awesom.

Jon DeJesus ★★★★★

Well not bad at all, less eye strain and my phone battery loves it. It's even easier on my piece of sh*t CPU on this phone.

Anonymous ★★★★★

It really is pitch black. Congratulations to the developers. :)

András Jetzin ★★★★★
(translated from Hungarian)

Super. Merci

Marcel Chabreyron ★★★★★
(translated from French)

Now the battery lasts longer, amazing amazing amazing

Moises Montez ★★★★★
(translated from Portuguese)

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