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I have to have this on every device I own. FIRST app I install. LOVE IT

Jana Green ★★★★★

So blackly 😁

Anubhab Behera ★★★★★

Easier than finding a true black wallpaper

Jeroen Wedda ★★★★★

Rock n 'roll!

miguel angelo ★★★★★

Hassle free. Love it.

Highlander SG ★★★★★

this should be an editor's choice app

Gabriel Lemos ★★★★★

It is really good. It is free and it also extend the battery life. LOVE THIS APP. Really recommend this app.👍👍💯

MAQS KQS ★★★★★

Clean battery saver per excellence

Luis Hernandez Bravo ★★★★★

Beautiful color, rests the eyes... 😀

Stevanovic Zoran ★★★★★
(translated from Croatian)

And the best, simple, efficient, lightweight

ezequiel moura ★★★★★
(translated from Portuguese)

WOW!!! Thank you for having done this! It works perfectly!!!!!!

Richard Lane ★★★★★


Daniel Kiragu ★★★★★

Exactly what it's supposed to do

Martin Go ★★★★★


ismayil ilyasov ★★★★★

Thank you! I love you for making this simple app!

Heide Burge ★★★★★

A perfect little application

D Murphy ★★★★★


Ronny Persson ★★★★★
(translated from Spanish)

Does what it is supposed to do. No nonsense.

rudra bose ★★★★★

This is hilarious, it ask you if you actually want the black screen, thanks for not making this difficult

treshawn stewart ★★★★★

PERFECT. The smallest size black wallpaper. Couldn't be simpler. Thank you so much!

Klemen Kavčič ★★★★★

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