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Deep black. Perfect

Steve Finkel ★★★★★

Q: What dark themes are you using right now? A: Pitch Black Wallpaper by Tecdrop. No ads. Free. Recommended.

IanThomas ★★★★★
On Android Central Forums

I can't believe I found this perfect color

Skip Gum ★★★★★

Simple and perfect

Jeff Pauliks ★★★★★

Lightweight and perfect 👌

Hamzeh Qanavatian ★★★★★

It looks really good, brilliant

Andrey Tamahkyarov ★★★★★

Excellent! Best application of its kind, practical like no other.

Heron Domingues ★★★★★
(translated from Portuguese)

Great for the eyes and for the battery! 👍

Leone Santambrogio ★★★★★
(translated from Italian)

Perfect, no BS

Jeanne Vaguelsy ★★★★★

Just one word Amazing

shahnawaz ahmed ★★★★★

Super simple and works perfectly. Hardly takes up any storage on my phone.

Joyce Xiao ★★★★★

It's really very good ! My ZenFone was fast, but now it's even faster :) thanks guys

Steven Cooper ★★★★★

Just what I was looking for! Simple, black, and it even makes the changes for you. Perfect black wallpaper app!

Daniel Stinebaugh ★★★★★

BEST app

Milenko Djuric ★★★★★

It looks cool and also saves battery power. I recommend.

Eduardo R. Monteiro ★★★★★
(translated from Portuguese)

Awesome 🌟 Keeps it simple, saves power! It is crisp, clean, along with looking very stylish!

Michael Himko ★★★★★

Super black it is

Asrul Amin Ismail ★★★★★


Costas Kappa ★★★★★

Excellent application helps me a lot and also reduces battery consumption

Matthew Golovinsky ★★★★★

Simple and tasteful!

Egorasik ★★★★★

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