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Perfectly and easily

alessandro agostini ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Great. No comment.

Thiago Rocha ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper
(translated from Portuguese)

Awesome job with size & quality

Onkar Indurkar ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

#1 on my list of apps to install! That is everytime I do reformat my phone. Thanks! More power!

Nikki Pulga ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

I am delighted with this application;) The application is super easy to use and easy to recommend;) A TRUE MASTERPIECE

Radoslaw Rossati ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper
(translated from Polish)

Simple & Intuitive. Best WP app for sure. Functional, fast, uses practically no storage, no ads. Infinite

Anonymous ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

A Simple Great App. I love it. It was just what I was looking for. Quick installation and setup. An adjustable solid color wallpaper without any ads or special permissions.

Gregory Harrison ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

Very light in size, excellent minimalist approach, no ads, super-easy setup. It does exactly what it's intended; no more, no less -just what I wanted.

Anonymous ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Great help for aging eyes!

Christa Landon ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Simple yet great. I've been looking for a simple colour wallpaper app on my Xperia. So far this is the best, no ads, just enjoy the colour. It does not limit to few colours but basically any colour as long as you've got the colour code. Using it with a colour palette.

W. F. Lee ★★★★★
about LoneColor

If you waste time looking for wallpapers like me just get this one and enjoy

Kevin Moore ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

There are countless apps in the Play Store, some more useful than others. RGB Color Wallpaper is certainly one of the better ones ... It offers the chance to design your very own creation.

about RGB Color Wallpaper
(translated from German)

Just what I wanted for the lazy amongst us

Dev Doc ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

I am too glad to use this and will use forever.

ABM Alkatib ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Outstanding !!! Now I can read the screens in daylight. I now can see the time alot better as well.

Mike Leach ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Perfect! I wanted a plain black wallpaper because it makes your apps stand out more on your homescreens and this is fantastic.

James Carothers ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Looks great! Another great option for my wallpaper... thanks!

Cecilia Pulmano ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Does its job! It's an app designed to set a black wallpaper, and does that perfectly. Just what I was looking for.

Jose Eugenio Esteves Junior ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

10 Stars! Best in class! No ads! Simple but fully customizable!

Aaron Monroe ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

Yes folks, the reviews are correct - this is in fact the very best app to set any solid color you choose on to your wallpaper, no matter how subtle, no matter how nuanced. Just get it. 57 Stars!

Robert Heard ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

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