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It does what it should do easy, fast and simple. Just perfect.

Alvaro de la Torre ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Great! Does exactly what it says! Doesn't get any easier than this!

Pete Bellanger Jr ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Fantastic - Plus 50 Stars. Fantastic, Simple and Great! Just what the doctor ordered. ... You haven't used the best 'till you install and use this app. enough said.

Jam Say ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper


Rashawn Hamilton ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

I just love this black wallpaper

Muhammad Arfan ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Great! Simple app that does exactly what it says. No permissions. Seems to improve my phone's battery life, and the screen seems easier on my eyes.

T Conklin ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Some other devs confuse 'minimalism' with 'laziness' or 'fear of including too many/enough options' ... not the case here, this dev gets it right.

Ryan Riot ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

The pitch black wallpaper is amazing! It matches my phonecase and keyboard. I love it

Jacob Mario ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Simple and Effective. Does what it says. Simple to use and takes up almost no space.

Ronnie Morgan ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Truth in advertising! Simple; does what it claims.

Robert Barus ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Small, perfectly black ideal well done keep up the great work

Paul Fisher ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Big favor. I've been waiting for someone to spoon-feed me. Thank you!

Joe Rasid ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

It's badass. All black and silver metallic

Steve Joseph ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Perfectly perfect.

Kenneth Edelstein ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

All stars. Unfortunately, I cannot give more stars because google has 5 stars only. THE BEST IN THE SMALLEST SIZE.

C.M. VERMA ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper

PERFECT! Love it. Does exactly what it says, simply and efficiently. The perfect app. One click and my phone looks completely different. Made a huge difference. ... Thanks for making this!!! 👍

James Addams ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Sometimes simplicity is the best thing that you can have, since there may be many benefits that cannot be enjoyed otherwise. ... If you are tired of constantly searching for a nice wallpaper, and want something simple and neat that looks beautiful, then give this app a try.

Download3K ★★★★★
about RGB Color Wallpaper
Download3K Editor's Review: Excellent

Does what it says. Looks great, perfect for amoled screens, and the watch sized battery in my phone can use all the help it can get. Also appreciate it not invading my device with unnecessary permissions

Bert Schoell ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

If you don't want to manually create the color by combining red, green, and blue, you can browse the gallery of over 1500 RGB colors inside the app; you are really spoiled for choice.

about RGB Color Wallpaper
(translated from Italian)

RGB Color Wallpaper is basically a virtual palette for you to mix the colors and then use the resulting color to paint the home screen background of your Android device.

about RGB Color Wallpaper

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