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"There are countless apps in the Play Store, some more useful than others. RGB Color Wallpaper is certainly one of the better ones ... It offers the chance to design your very own creation." (GIGA ANDROID)
"If you are tired of constantly searching for a nice wallpaper, and want something simple and neat that looks beautiful, then give RGB Color Wallpaper a try." (Download3K Excellent Award)
"If you don't want to manually create the color by combining red, green, and blue, you can browse the gallery of over 1500 RGB colors inside the app; you are really spoiled for choice." (Guidami.info)
"RGB Color Wallpaper is basically a virtual palette for you to mix the colors and then use the resulting color to paint the home screen background of your Android device." (TrishTech)


"Wonderful! So many great colors to choose from.. thank you!" (★★★★★ Cecilia Pulmano on Google Play)
"10 Stars! Best in class! No ads! Simple but fully customizable!" (★★★★★ Aaron Monroe on Google Play)
"Yes folks, the reviews are correct - this is in fact the very best app to set any solid color you choose on to your wallpaper, no matter how subtle, no matter how nuanced. Just get it. 57 Stars!" (★★★★★ Robert Heard on Google Play)
"Fantastic – Plus 50 Stars Fantastic, Simple and Great! Just what the doctor ordered. ... You haven't used the best 'till you install and use this app. enough said." (★★★★★ Jam Say on Google Play)
"Some other devs confuse 'minimalism' with 'laziness' or 'fear of including too many/enough options' ... not the case here, this dev gets it right." (★★★★★ Ryan Riot on Google Play)
"All stars Unfortunately, I cannot give more stars because google has 5 stars only. THE BEST IN THE SMALLEST SIZE." (★★★★★ C.M. VERMA on Google Play)
"Wow Love this app." (★★★★★ Saikat Panja on Google Play)
"Wow the best of the best, and no ads clean, lots of options" (★★★★★ Patricio Pereira)