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RGB Color Wallpaper is basically a virtual palette for you to mix the colors and then use the resulting color to paint the home screen background of your Android device.

Sometimes simplicity is the best thing that you can have, since there may be many benefits that cannot be enjoyed otherwise. ... If you are tired of constantly searching for a nice wallpaper, and want something simple and neat that looks beautiful, then give this app a try.

Download3K ★★★★★
Download3K Editor's Review: Excellent

If you don't want to manually create the color by combining red, green, and blue, you can browse the gallery of over 1500 RGB colors inside the app; you are really spoiled for choice.

(translated from Italian)

There are countless apps in the Play Store, some more useful than others. RGB Color Wallpaper is certainly one of the better ones ... It offers the chance to design your very own creation.

(translated from German)

User Reviews

Super-simple, ad-free way to set a solid wallpaper color. I like changing my background color from time to time to suit my mood. ... Thanks again for an excellent app and the recent fix.

John Lamb ★★★★★

The creator has put forth a lot of effort to keep it useful and handy while staying compatible with the most current devices. This is a challenge for any app developer as hardware changes frequently. What makes a great app and a great developer is when the author responds to user input, and creates an even better product. RGB Color Wallpaper is a great example of the eloquence of simplicity.

DiscorderlyConduct ★★★★★

This is what I was looking for, great for minimalists

Damian Obszczymurski ★★★★★
(translated from Polish)

Best color pallette out there. Thanks for making this simple and light app. ❤️

Stonny ★★★★★

Best thing on play store!!! Amazin wallpaper app!!!!

Rakshit Jain ★★★★★

literally perfect

Google Play user ★★★★★

This app leaves the others green with envy. Nearly limitless colours, many preset options, opportunities for individual preferences and customization. UI is simplicity itself. I cannot believe this app is w/out fees or adverts; it certainly desrves "pro" status. Thank you, Dev.(s)

Randall Cole ★★★★★

I use it on 3 devices and have told others ... this is one I will use a lot, again thanks and 5 stars, keep up the good work and continued success.

les goodman ★★★★★

PERFECT One of those rare treasures that does exactly what it says it does, and does it well, without any extra nonsense. ... And it's TINY--less than 100k in size. Thanks devs!

rocky ells ★★★★★

Another amazing app from this developer. Simple, easy, no ads, free. Super light too. They should add it as a standard in the Android phones.

Alessio Fedrizzi ★★★★★

Simplicity itself; should have been native option in Android.

Sylvester van Welij ★★★★★

I have reviewed at least 25 solid coloured background apps and this one is phenomenal. The best period. I am very picky.

mobilekaos ★★★★★

Focus on the essential in a simple, beautiful material design app

Oliver Stahl ★★★★★
(translated from German)

Absolutely great 100 Stars.

Riaz Issack ★★★★★

Fantastic!!! The Perfect Wallpaper App!!! Genius!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Macher ★★★★★

Yes folks, the reviews are correct - this is in fact the very best app to set any solid color you choose on to your wallpaper, no matter how subtle, no matter how nuanced. Just get it. 57 Stars!

Robert Heard ★★★★★

Fantastic - Plus 50 Stars. Fantastic, Simple and Great! Just what the doctor ordered. ... You haven't used the best 'till you install and use this app. enough said.

Jam Say ★★★★★

Some other devs confuse 'minimalism' with 'laziness' or 'fear of including too many/enough options' ... not the case here, this dev gets it right.

Ryan Riot ★★★★★

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