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The creator has put forth a lot of effort to keep it useful and handy while staying compatible with the most current devices. This is a challenge for any app developer as hardware changes frequently. What makes a great app and a great developer is when the author responds to user input, and creates an even better product. RGB Color Wallpaper is a great example of the eloquence of simplicity.

DiscorderlyConduct ★★★★★

Super-simple, ad-free way to set a solid wallpaper color. I like changing my background color from time to time to suit my mood. ... Thanks again for an excellent app and the recent fix.

John Lamb ★★★★★

This is what I was looking for, great for minimalists

Damian Obszczymurski ★★★★★
(translated from Polish)

it's great to be able to change the color according to our wishes

Reisya Noby ★★★★★
(translated from Indonesian)

Nice keeps getting better

Kemie channel ★★★★★
(translated from Malay)

Are you kidding me? This is the most colorful wallpaper I've ever seen.

Filip ★★★★★

Every Phone I Have Bought Over The Years I Have Put RGB Color Wallpaper On It I Love It Because The Colors Run From A To Z So I Know I Can Always Find Some Wallpaper To Put On My Phone Try It You'll Like It.

Donald Connelly ★★★★★

Best color pallette out there. Thanks for making this simple and light app. ❤️

Stonny ★★★★★

Sets off your app icons and widgets perfectly. As calm or dynamic as you want. No distractions.

Jerseyan USA ★★★★★

Great RGB app.

Rita Zelener ★★★★★

Effortless and beautiful

Oğuz POLAT ★★★★★
(translated from Turkish)

Best color app

Mohammed Solhi ★★★★★
(translated from Arabic)

Super ok

marian napierski ★★★★★

Excellent for testing colors

Harold1969 Dun ★★★★★
(translated from Spanish)

Perfect! No fuss, does exactly what I wanted. Thank you :)

Mike Evers ★★★★★

Thank you for your hard work. I recommend it.

seyfettin yeni ★★★★★
(translated from Turkish)

I like this app even if I don't use solid color wallpaper bcoz it is so tiny & also not using much RAM. Thanks 😊😇 for this amazing app !!

Charming Stars ★★★★★

Good Job!

Richard Rudnicki ★★★★★

Best thing on play store!!! Amazin wallpaper app!!!!

Rakshit Jain ★★★★★

Simple and excellent!

Arne Grüber ★★★★★

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