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Great. Thank you..happy New Year ..... cheerz

Nigilnig Nig ★★★★★

Even the tiniest piece of creativity is worth diamond, imho..

Leo Wijaya Amri ★★★★★

Sensational! Modest, small, without bells and whistles. It does exactly what it was created to do. Highly recommended!!!

Anonymous ★★★★★
(translated from Polish)

Thx brother! I don't know its save battery or not but bro you make me laugh ... thank you big brother for this app take care:)

Anonymous ★★★★★

Why I hate it because it wastes less battery meh.... 5 out of 5 rating

Samuel Tien ★★★★★

It's bigger on the inside.......

Peter Romano ★★★★★

This app is AMAZING It lets your set a wallpaper so quickly

YouGart ★★★★★

Great idea! ... I like it, elegantly simple! Thank you.

Carol Wiesner ★★★★★

Black, no cream

Keith Horn ★★★★★

SIMPLY LOVE IT ! I always download PITCH BLACK in new phone and after factory reset. saves batteries, help eye. My phone's AMOLED SCREEN & PITCH BLACK are MADE FOR EACH OTHER. thanks.

Jay kotian ★★★★★

Simple, smart, brilliant. A useful little app with easy one tap application. It features no ads, no hidden purchases, and no unnecessary complexity. Tecdrop knows what it's doing.

Soren Rodman ★★★★★

Install 20kb file, activate, black wallpaper, uninstall, still black wallpaper. 11/10 best app of the year

Nabeel Kahlil M ★★★★★

Cool! it should be you making cell phones

gamer421 ★★★★★

Lol! Seriously, I'm giving this five stars for the humor and sarcasm. 'Congratulations! It's a black wallpaper!' Loooollll

Matt Ramos ★★★★★

The best is often as simple! A ray of hope for all pessimists.

rob dikken, in Dutch ★★★★★

Amazing! innovator

José Lucas, in Portuguese ★★★★★

Nice! More of these concept please.. So simple. Yeah!!! Up up up!

axe effect ★★★★★

Perfect for us minimalists

Mac Lewis ★★★★★

Cool! Now that's an app. I have never seen such black with benefits.

Anonymous ★★★★★

Awesome! Really effective against eye strain ... a pleasant sensation very different from a normal screen.

Célio M, in French ★★★★★

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