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Great Idea.

Mekey Salaria ★★★★★

Unlike other wallpaper apps, Pitch Black Wallpaper, with its simple approach on color philosophy, lets you go minimalist, but still ensures aesthetics.

Taimienphi ★★★★★
(translated from Vietnamese)

Wonderful work

Milind Lokde ★★★★★

Yup Perfect

Tim Webster ★★★★★

Great! I would never imagine that black wallpaper could look this good. Great idea.

Dragan Srnic ★★★★★

I had second thoughts.....but this wallpaper is pure class.....should be pre - installed - the standard paper..... thanx developer / designer....... love it...!

Donald W Kern ★★★★★

Recommended! 👍 Cool app! I mean it! Really helps in keeping your phone comparatively cooler!🌡❄☃

Pushkar Malekar ★★★★★

Best minimalist background

Kittils Vogel ★★★★★

Awesome! Dude well done. So simple and easy

adam mitchell ★★★★★

An App you never thought you'd need but one that changes your device for the better. Especially if (like me) you're a minimalist.

Dan Forsley ★★★★★

Dope!!! Sleak and simply awesome..

Hamilton Rx ★★★★★

Good one!!!cheers!!!

prabz cool ★★★★★

Wow! So much easier to read! No internet connection required, no ads, no spyware permissions, no memory hogs!

Christa L ★★★★★


Dilawar Yakub ★★★★★

Fantastic. update has plenty of black. Best wallpaper ever.

Jamie Cutrer ★★★★★

Better than a black selfie... They have noise and do not save battery life like this.

Howard Bamber ★★★★★

Deep black is the most beautiful color!

Martin Walthert ★★★★★
(translated from German)

Great wallpaper! This stuff works great! No glare, and it saves battery!

Nate Brabant ★★★★★

Give your AMOLED what it wants! It is truly black as pitch (for those of us old enough to know what pitch is)

Jeffrey Koenig ★★★★★

Oh man, it's nice! It looks so awesome, get it. Completely idiot proof, better battery life, no ads at all. Just black. Perfection. You won't believe how good it looks.

SPRPhilly ★★★★★

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