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Simple and Effective. Does what it says. Simple to use and takes up almost no space.

Ronnie Morgan ★★★★★

Truth in advertising! Simple; does what it claims.

Robert Barus ★★★★★

Small, perfectly black ideal well done keep up the great work

Paul Fisher ★★★★★

Big favor. I've been waiting for someone to spoon-feed me. Thank you!

Joe Rasid ★★★★★

It's badass. All black and silver metallic

Steve Joseph ★★★★★

Perfectly perfect.

Kenneth Edelstein ★★★★★

PERFECT! Love it. Does exactly what it says, simply and efficiently. The perfect app. One click and my phone looks completely different. Made a huge difference. ... Thanks for making this!!! 👍

James Addams ★★★★★

Does what it says. Looks great, perfect for amoled screens, and the watch sized battery in my phone can use all the help it can get. Also appreciate it not invading my device with unnecessary permissions

Bert Schoell ★★★★★

'Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch' - Blix - Legend (1985)

Morganna Bramah ★★★★★

Pitch black baby... This wallpaper makes my icons really pop out on my phone. ..5 baby! !

Paul Hernandez ★★★★★

What I was wanting...period. The app works just like everyone reported. Thank you developer's!

Gary Housley ★★★★★

Fantastic! Pure black. No fuss. Thanks

Kathy Brooks ★★★★★

My prayers have been answered! Awesome job!!

Brent Holden ★★★★★

6 stars. Wow that was fast lock screen and main screen went black screen in just 1 second thanks

Patricio Pereira ★★★★★

Battery heaven! Pitch black background means no lit up background pixels which means extra battery life! Also heavy contrast with my apps means I need less brightness to easily see them! It is perfect! Thank you!

Nicholas Kolta ★★★★★

Speechless Omg!!! What a wonderful app... I was desperately searching for a black wallpaper and after a looooong search finally found this cool app which has satisfied me.. Thank you developers...

Venu Gopal ★★★★★

Yes I found you!!

Andy Yee ★★★★★

Great !!!! No frills..... Plain and simple. Love it

Joseph C. Segari Jr. ★★★★★

Best black wallpaper ever.

Franklin Clinton ★★★★★ this possible? There's black...and then there's deep space black...close your eyes and disappear black...but THIS...? Impressive.

Doug Rice ★★★★★

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