Page 19 of Reviews this possible? There's black...and then there's deep space black...close your eyes and disappear black...but THIS...? Impressive.

Doug Rice ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

So simple and so perfect. No ads, no permissions. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

Terry Korensek ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

Try Pitch Black Wallpaper on Android. A black background makes your battery last longer. Why? Because you just don't need to put energy into something that is dark.

Computertaal ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper
(translated from Dutch)

Pitch Black Wallpaper is a great app that you'll have no trouble using, and will definitely help with your device performance and battery drain. Don't think about it - try it out!

Download3K ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper
Download3K Editor's Review: Excellent

Just what it promises. On spot!

Sankalp Bothra ★★★★★
about Pitch Black Wallpaper

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