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literally perfect

Google Play user ★★★★★

Simple, no-ad, no-BS. Just works. 👌

Guillaume Lucas ★★★★★

This app leaves the others green with envy. Nearly limitless colours, many preset options, opportunities for individual preferences and customization. UI is simplicity itself. I cannot believe this app is w/out fees or adverts; it certainly desrves "pro" status. Thank you, Dev.(s)

Randall Cole ★★★★★

Best of the best. Simplest & Greatest wallpaper app. Dev is a genius.

D P ★★★★★

Finally, app without tons of ads, with ability to set my own color and a lot of good presets, really like it.

Michael Kret ★★★★★

a good app. does what it says. simple to use. complete. ad-free. i love it.

Michael Rhea ★★★★★

Does just what you want, nothing you don't! Does exactly what it promises, nothing more, nothing less. Perfect.

Gail Reed ★★★★★

Pitch Black made me want to check out dev site. Dev site made me want to download this. Dev has taken over! Run! But wait...maybe the dev wanted you to run...

g shute ★★★★★

I use it on 3 devices and have told others ... this is one I will use a lot, again thanks and 5 stars, keep up the good work and continued success.

les goodman ★★★★★

PERFECT One of those rare treasures that does exactly what it says it does, and does it well, without any extra nonsense. ... And it's TINY--less than 100k in size. Thanks devs!

rocky ells ★★★★★

Another amazing app from this developer. Simple, easy, no ads, free. Super light too. They should add it as a standard in the Android phones.

Alessio Fedrizzi ★★★★★

This is the lightest app and offers huge customization. Love it

Taranjeet Singh ★★★★★

Just amazing. Very cute and sharp.

Rajmohan Mannur ★★★★★

The best RGB. A color for every taste. I like everything about it. Excellent application.

Anonymous ★★★★★
(translated from Russian)

Simplicity itself; should have been native option in Android.

Sylvester van Welij ★★★★★

Absolutely Marvellous you will enjoy this to bits! Thank you so much

Stephen Marvin ★★★★★

I have reviewed at least 25 solid coloured background apps and this one is phenomenal. The best period. I am very picky.

mobilekaos ★★★★★

Amazing app

Muhammad Arfan ★★★★★

Beautiful and wonderful


Focus on the essential in a simple, beautiful material design app

Oliver Stahl ★★★★★
(translated from German)

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